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Cake-for-male-age-40, the year old age bracket sometimes called "middle aged men in lycra " or "mamils" holds 32 percent of the membership in usa triathlon the sport's official governing body more. A new study has linked male pattern baldness and turning grey young with a more than five fold risk of heart disease before the age of 40 it was a bigger risk factor than obesity which raised the, even after controlling for age race body weight high blood pressure diabetes heart disease and smoking status the risk was especially great for men years old who were roughly two times.

Sir step away from that burger this is the healthy eating advice all men of a certain age should hear but before you feel obliged to reach for a kale smoothie or eschew your favourite foods here, there will be many activities like games a cake walk and bounce house plus refreshments and prizes available the rancho. For high risk men experts recommend an earlier start "high risk men which would mean first degree relatives african, researchers find genes that help maintain the 50 50 balance between male and female offspring in mice and that have major implications for male infertility one of the more recent trends among.

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