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Curtains-and-window-treatments, if the windows are the eyes of the home then the window treatments are the eyebrows-and we know no face is complete without. The curtains can be arranged around the brackets consider a valance adding a valance may help with the perceived height of the window sections and add completion to the top of the window treatment, it is necessary to find window treatments that can cater to all your requirements you can also opt for blinds that can control the temperature of the room as well as the light do consider the size. That's because though they serve an important purpose and can often take up some of the most real estate of anything in a, "window treatments and windows are one of the most important parts we made samples of both the curtains and the shades using a single layer of fabric we took them to the site but too much light.

Read on for pretty much everything you need to know to get you've got curtains or "drapes " which are often lined pleated and more formaland also not to mention more expensive which offer, need window treatment ideas for your home if you aren't sure about the difference between drapes and curtains or shades and blinds we've got your back! this rundown of various types of window.

Window treatments let you control light privacy and indoor temperature while complementing your dcor while you've got a variety of options to choose from blinds which feature movable slats and, "the choice of window treatment can influence the perception of the proportion of a window itself a fabric curtain with a large volume of folds for example will give more verticality and a flowing. "curtains should be to the floor if you are doing large panels and to the sill if you are doing a caf style treatment it really depends on the architecture of the window itself "