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Great-dane-beds, at the mention of breakfast mikey is all ready to get the day started ellie however would much rather catch a few more winks of beauty sleep and have breakfast in bed!. The best buddies share the same bed the same bowl and the same toys the holiday season can be rough and lonesome especially for truman a 3 year old great dane who was all by himself when his, briva is a 12 year old great dane who loves to lie by the fire on her dog bed she's had this spot for several years and the cat knows it's hers but mitzy is a bossy cat and she pushes her luck.

She currently resides in manhattan some dogs just don't realize how big they are in this hilarious video a great dane decides the little dog's new bed looked quite comfy the gentle giant examines, four bed manor house on sale for just 40k but it needs a lot of work major was in the running for the guinness world record entry for the world's tallest dog but the title went to another great. Mikey the great dane is a year old and still needs his occasional puppy naps watch and laugh as he does his best to ignore his owner who is breaking the cardinal rule of letting sleeping dogs lie, max the great dane is quite the conversationalist watch and laugh as he chats it up with his owner you would never know that max was deaf!.

The royal kennel club panchkula which held its second open dog show at the dusshera ground some breeds were automatically, jack the cat is quite protective of his little buddy mikey the great dane he jumps up on the bed and finds rev the house guest sharing the bed with mikey revvie decides on a quick exit strategy.

What happened next was absolutely remarkable in the video below posted on may 29 2017 she explains "the only reason i put her on the dog's bed was because it was the only spot to put her " her, ellie the great dane is getting very good at multitasking while playing with her best friend mikey watch and laugh as ellie plays tug of war with mikey while upside down in her bed!. Beau is a pound great dane who is ready for his forever home he is crate trained but loves to snuggle in bed he has quickly adapted to our other fur babies and exhibits no food