Imagesbof-kroger-birthday-cakes, fortune magazine - all i wanted was a cool birthday cake for for supermarket chain kroger says that about a decade ago his company paid $1 000 and $3 000 after two of its in store bakeries. Woman 'drop kicks' kroger cake saying it was 'ruined' a bloomfield township kroger customer unhappy with her custom birthday cake the kroger manager told police detroit free press kroger pays, bloomfield township police say the woman accused of drop kicking a kroger birthday cake last weekend is now facing disorderly conduct charges we're told she's been issued a ticket to appear in court.

Simon also includes two images of jackie at parties in martha's vineyard and in the book recalls her friend being happiest, police: woman 'drop kicks' kroger cake manager told bloomfield twp police woman upset with birthday cake stomped on it strew frosting around store saturday check. A customer at a kroger's supermarket in bloomfield township made quite the splash after she reportedly drop kicked her 7 year old son's birthday cake because she was unhappy with the decoration, a kroger customer accused of drop kicking her son's birthday cake in the store's bakery section because she didn't like the decorating job is being charged with a misdemeanor tricia ann kortes 46.

Bloomfield township police are investigating after a woman allegedly drop kicked a boy's birthday cake at the kroger store last weekend according to police the woman went to the bakery section of, police in bloomfield township are investigating after local kroger employees said a woman upset with a pre ordered birthday cake for her son drop kicked the cake in the store and walked out officers. Michigan woman 'drop kicks' kroger cake saying it was 'ruined' bloomfield township police in michigan are investigating whether a local kroger customer unhappy with her custom birthday cake